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  The library of Ganjeh, located in Gilan has been moved to a new place.  Previously-being a school, the new library has a larger area with a courtyard and classrooms that allows multiple classes and workshops to be held at the same time. Mrs.Homayouni, Ms.Saeedi and Ms. Monjazi, members of CCDC, paid a visit to this new place on May 14, 2014, on a one-day trip to Ganjeh, where they  […]

The fifth workshop of Review and Revise titled “Publications Committee” was held on May 26, 2014 at CCDC’s office. Like the previous ones, this workshop also started with some questions raised by the members of the Publications Committee. For instance: -         Why publications are important for organizations like us? -         What are the products of our publications committee? -         Who makes the contents of  booklets and newsletters? -         How do […]

Funding a project under the supervision of CCDC in Khoor village, South Khorassan, was part of Mr. Behmadi’s prize granted to him by Iranian Association of Popularization of Scienceon November 2013. CCDC suggested equipping an elementary school laboratory as a project to Mr. Behmadi and the sponsors of the prize. This suggestion was based on a successful project implemented in Afreez village on November 2008, and was the beginning of […]

A series of interactive workshops was designed in CCDC’s Education Committee for its members to make them more familiar with agenda and activities of different committees of the organization, specially new ones, as well as introducing new members. In four workshops that were held in two days in January, the structure and agenda of four committees, Education, Libraries, Public Relations and Educational Assistance were discussed. Brainstorming and offering suggestions for […]

Tomorrow School is established and run by Mahtab Gostar co., a private company that builds power plants. This school is an appendix to Roodshoor power plant, near Tehran. Students and teachers from different parts of Tehran, Parand and Robat Karim come to Tomorrow School once a week to use its different educational spaces and facilities. There are different spaces equipped for different activities such as pottery, art, carpentry, calligraphy as […]

  Following the first meeting of CCDC and two other NGOs with the deputy of elementary division of Education Ministry which was held on January 24, a second meeting was held on February 22. Representatives of  CCDC, School Founders Charity, Mehre Guity, Children’s Book Council of Iran, Iran Association for Popularization of Sciences, Pouya Educational Studies Association, and World Nature Explorer Institute were present in the meeting. The aim of […]

The deputy of elementary education division of Education Ministry invited CCDC, School Founder Charity and Mehre Guity Organization to a meeting on 24 January 2014. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the possible ways and  projects to improve the quality of education in order to  decrease the number of students who abandon school , as well as lowering the rate of illiteracy in rural and underprivileged areas. The […]

The Third Global Conference on Child Labor 8-10 October 2013– hosted by the Brazilian Government – provided an opportunity for governments, social partners and civil society to reflect on the progress made since the previous global conference was held in The Hague in 2010, and to discuss ways to step up global efforts against child labor – especially its worst forms. According to the latest global estimates on child labor, released by […]

At the beginning of the new school year, CCDC had a fund-raising to provide  stationary for students in need. This fund-raising  brought in enough money for buying 600 sets of stationary for primary school students. They were sent to CCDC’s  rural libraries to be delivered  to primary schools.

CCDC donated about 250 books to public library of Aghajari, a town in Khuzestan and Nargess  girls high school in Toroud village near Shahrood. It also donated 100 books to an autonomous Afghan school in an underprivileged suburban  of Tehran.

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